Family Addiction Consulting & Education is a program that provides education to families and loved ones on how to best cope and understand their unique situation as it relates to a loved one who is dealing with a substance use disorder.

The FACE Program is co-facilitated by Shalyn Rose, a licensed clinical social worker, and Lauren Goodkin, an addiction advocate and educator in long term recovery. This unique blend of learned and lived experience is the ultimate resource for families, spouses and loved ones of those struggling with substance abuse.

The program helps clients through everything they need to know about addiction and treatment, meeting each client where they are in terms of education and what information they may already have. The FACE Program is a unique blend of education and support for loved ones dealing with a person with a substance use disorder.

Clients will learn:

  • What is addiction and how does it work in the brain?
  • What is the proper language to use when discussing addiction and substance use disorder?
  • What treatments are available? What is MAT? How does it work for opioid addiction?
  • Why treating substance use disorder punitively or using the moral model is counterproductive? Our clients learn to lead with love and compassion as they would dealing with any other life threatening disease
  • How to communicate with their loved one in a productive way
  • How to set loving boundaries without enabling


Because our program in so innovative and unique, it is not considered a covered service by any insurance carrier. Sessions are private pay and payment is due at the time of service. Please contact us for more specific pricing information.