Our Team

Shalyn Rose

shalynShalyn Rose is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has over a decade of experience working with clients to help them overcome the obstacles and challenges that life often presents. Shalyn has experience working wih many populations and in a variety of settings, however her true passion is working with those battling addiction.

Shalyn knows all too well the struggles faced by addicts and their loved ones. Both her father and younger brother suffered from addiction. In 2011, her father passed away from complications related to substance use and in 2013, she lost her younger brother to an opioid overdose. It is her personal and professional mission to help individuals and families overcome these issues and learn to live happy, productive, and sober lives.

Lauren Goodkin

HeadshotLauren is an advocate, an educator, and a speaker on issues related to substance use and mental health. She has over a decade of lived experience in the field of addiction and has been in recovery since January of 2015. In March of 2019 she will become a Certified Recovery Coach to help better meet the needs of families and those with a substance use disorder. She has personally struggled with mental health issues and knows first hand the struggles faced by those coping with these issues.

Lauren believes in treating those affected by substance abuse with love and compassion to help break the stigma and cultivate healing for both the user and the family unit.